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Colombia Popayan Decaf



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RegionCauca, Popayan
Altitude1500-2070 masl
VarietyCastillo, Variedad Colombia
ProcessThe Sugarcane Decaffeination
Roast levelMedium roast

This Popayan coffee is sourced from around 60 smallholder farms, all five hectares or less. The farms are located on a plateau sitting approximately 1.7 km above sea level in Colombia’s south-west. And farmer were carefully selected, and the commitment of this program is to offer coffees that are sweet and balanced with a minimum score of 83.5 Points.

The decaffeination process for this coffee is unique. The Sugarcane Decaffeination process removes a minimum of 97% of all caffeine originally present within green coffee and the caffeine extracted from the coffee using a natural by-product of sugar cane and water only! And this technique was developed in Colombia.

Taste like vanilla cocoa, balanced by a honeyed sweetness.

All roasted beans are freshly roasted in Malaysia

Roasted on 30th of September