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Kerinci Alko Honey

RegionMount Kerinci, West Sumatra
GrowerMembers of Koperasi ALKO | CV. Yudi Putra
Altitude1300 – 1650 masl
VarietyAndung Sari, Lini-S, Sigaran Utang
Roast levelMedium

The area surrounding Mount Kerinci, and the small town of Kersik Tuo includes 140 members of the ALKO and Barokah cooperatives come together from the villages of Pelompek, Jernih Jaya, and Gunung Tujuh. Koperasi ALKO and CV Yudi Putra were able to produce enough of this outstanding alternative processing methods Honey process coffees.

Hint of cherries, plum, starfruit.

All roasted beans are freshly roasted in Malaysia

Roasted on 8th of February