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Dark Classic Espresso Blend



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This is seasonal blend and changes throughout the year. We created this blend for perfect balance made with 100% arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia to create a bold, chocolaty, nutty and balanced espresso with or without milk.

The Brazil coffee beans are hand harvested and dry processed; the dry process method involves drying the cherries, and removing the beans once the cherries are dried. This process adds a slight fruity flavour to the coffee, resulting in a light bodied, full-flavoured, sweet, and complex brew.

Colombia is the South American hub of coffee, with 100% washed Arabica being the country’s main export offers a superb washed coffee, with light caramel flavours and an easy to drink acidity.

CountryBrazil / Colombia
Roast levelDark
Weight200g / 1000g

Pair very well with milk, creamer, or alternative milks.

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Roasted on 4th of October