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Dark Roast Colombia


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RegionAranzazu, Caldas
VarietyBourbon, Typical, Caturra, Variadad
ProcessFully washed
Roast levelDark
Altitude1520 and 1650 masl
VarietyTypical, Caturra
ProcessFully washed
Roast levelDark

Colombia is the South American hub of coffee, with 100% washed Arabica being the country’s main export. Finca La Manuela offers a superb washed coffee, with light caramel flavours and an easy to drink acidity.

For over two decades, this estate has been run with great care by the same man, Fernando. With its medium acidity, fruity favours and round body, this coffee is a credit for him.

This coffee boasts a rich and sweet aroma as well as slight fruit notes. It also has a good, medium acidity into after-taste.

We will rotate with Colombia Supremo Aranzazu and Colombia Excelso Huila

All roasted beans are freshly roasted in Malaysia.